B; cat 1
featured b, o, n, y, 20101104
actor Frö

The cat has been seen throughout videos of iamamiwhoami, seen in bounty.

In its first appearance in b it is standing next to and then sitting inside a baby cradle, uttering a bleat at the beginning and near the end of the video. A looped animation shows it exiting the room six times.

In o it is first seen hooting like an owl in a cabin adjacent to the greenhouse later shown, and then walking above the sheet glass roof (subsequently joined by other five cats).

It appears later in n buzzing like a bee in the first sequence, and then sitting on a chair in the paper-made building.

In y the cat is shown walking on a table set for six, screeching like a monkey at the beginning and again near the ending.

In 20101104 it is seen walking alongside the black dog through the corridors of the white apartment. It is interesting to note the cat now meows, while in the earlier videos it has only uttered other animal cries. This video marked the final appearance of the cat.

Frö's owner is Emil Fors a swedish musician who worked as a Production Manager on the videos.


In an interview iamamiwhoami was questioned about the disappearance of the cat, to which she responded:

"Everything has its purpose and sometimes things fade away slowly and sometimes they reappear."