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actor Ruffa

The dog had its first appearance in the preludes series and has since been a recurrent feature in the bounty series.

Six dogs appeared in the video for, apparently hunting for the main character. In the next video a dog is seen barking loudly at the blonde woman covered in mud, who manages to drive it away by shouting repeatedly at it. The dog then moves away not to be seen again. The last prelude video features a view of a snowfield in which six crosses are planted, a fact that lead to believe the six dogs are now dead.

A dog is not seen again until the n video, which shows it running through a forest and licking a white substance from a plastic cup. In y it only appears near the end of the video, when he is suddenly awakened by something emerging from the peppercorn pot standing next to him. Its barking is then heard at the beginning of 20101104, where it is seen walking alongside the black cat through the white apartment.

The dog is finally seen in the ; john video running about in various environments.

Ruffa's owner is Nina Fors, who was the "keylady" that collected the award for "Årets Innovatör" that Iamamiwhoami won at the swedish Grammis.