alias ein einmeier
born May 20, 1975
occupation Remixer, producer
iamamiwhoami n remix

ein einmeier is an artist, musician and released previously several records on labels such as punct music, voltage, sushitec and adjunct audio. His bootleg mashup of edit 'Zebra Katz' "Ima read" was recently played by DJ Hell, founder of Gigolo Records, at different venues during his world tour.

Before the release of their n remix, ein einmeier remixed several iamamiwhoami-songs since the project started. He was the very first artists who ever touched an iamamiwhoami-production, so he's somehow the creator of the remix- and mashup- and cover-hype all about iamamiwhoami. einmeier was later contacted by iamamiwhoami to remix n and this offical remix was released on the 25th June 2010. Furtheron he was working together on several other edits and remixes as well as cover-versions with other artists and musicians interested in iamamiwhoami, such as Ben McGarvey aka MinuteTaker, member of the Manchester based 'The Spiels' or unplugged70, for example. Recently he cut out fragments on several songs of the KIN-release and created a new song just using these snippets.