ionnalee; EABF tour - HEAVEN promo
performance May 9, 2018
19:00 GMT
location London, UK
venue HEAVEN Night Club
opening Tungorna
supporting Man Without Country
Jamie Irrepressible
ionnalee; EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN - 2018 world tour at HEAVEN Night Club in LONDON, UK on May 9, 2018.

With special guest Jamie Irrepressible.

Setlist Edit

  1. intro + WORK 
  2. NOT HUMAN (live edit) (with elements of NOT HUMAN - Tungorna remix) 
  3. fountain 
  4. o (remix) + HARVEST (remix) + BLAZING 
  5. chasing kites (w/ costume change) 
  6. t (with elements of SIMMER DOWN)  (w/ costume change) 
  7. play
  8. DUNES OF SAND (with Jamie Irrepressible) (w/ costume change and extended outro) 
  10. y (with Jamie Irrepressible) (contains elements of HERE IS A WARNING) 
  11. GONE (live edit)


  1. blue blue (live edit)
  2. goods (remix)

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