Series 1; 4
Mandragora Officinarum
featured bounty, IN CONCERT, kin

Mandragora officinarum (also referred to by the fan base as M.O. or iam) is a name used by the fan base to refer to the 'lead female character' or woman featured in the iamamiwhoami saga. She has appeared in every single video in varying appearances, and seemingly varying identities. M.O. can also be used interchangeably with iamamiwhoami.


Seen in: Description: Appearance:
b Wrapped up in plastic from head to toe and sports long eyelashes while wearing socks and slippers. Has bright blue eyes.
o Covered in white powder, sporting long white eyelashes and wearing an Elizabethan collar while standing in a pot of fertilizer. Has curly hair.
u-1, u-2 A puppet made out of cardboard and scotch tape, with curly 'hair' and long 'eyelashes'.
  1. Naked and covered in food substances.
  2. Covered in a black substance and wearing breast pumps, sporting long eyelashes.
t Naked and covered with white droplets, later wearing a crown and a Elizabethan collar made of aluminium foil.
  1. Naked with long flowing hair, sporting long eyelashes while holding a light bulb.
  2. Covered in paper and has white paper eyelashes. She is later covered in black substance.
; john, clump
  1. Referred by fans as the Slut: Wears a jumpsuit made of terrycloth, sports long eyelashes, ties her hair in a ponytail and has dirty white socks.
  2. Dressed in white underwear and has dirty white socks.
  3. Naked, has long eyelashes and has her hair let down.