The Irrepressibles; New World (iamamiwhoami remix)
release date February 14, 2013
length 5:16
The Irrepressibles; NUDE New World (iamamiwhoami remix)
February 14, 2013
Digital download

iamamiwhoami's second remix, following their 2011 remix of Moby's "After", The Irrepressibles' "New World".


Show me your reasons to fight (to fight, to fight, to fight)
the new world tonight (tonight, tonight, tonight)
I will be here by your side (your side, your side, your side)
So true! (true, true, true)

Show me the truth that you hide
The world needs to know
that there’ll be no sacrifice
The love we share has to grow

Take off that burden that persists
There’ll be no miracles to make you fit
And look deep into my eyes,
you’ll see the truth you long to find

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