Bažant Pohoda
Bažant Pohoda
performance July 12, 2013
22:00 CEST
location Trenčin, Slovakia
venue Trenčin Airport
event Festival Bažant Pohoda
stage Space Arena SLSP
duration 1 hour
11 songs songs
concerts chronology

» Melt!

Bažant Pohoda

Park Live «


iamamiwhoami will be performing from 22:00 to 23:00 (CET) on Stage Arena SLSP.


  1. o (intro)
  2. good worker
  3. in due order
  4. u-1 (intro) / n
  5. t
  6. u-2
  7. rascal
  8. play
  9.  y
  10. idle talk
  11. ; john
  12. goods

Artist profileEdit

It all started in 2009 by uploading short videos with dark electronic music on a YouTube channel. Music fans could only guess who was behind the project. Speculations were that iamamiwhoami could well be a project of many artists including top female vocalists. Besides dark videos, numerical codes as part of song titles furthered the aura of mystery. A strong fanbase of the project was created and it was only afterwards that the truth came out: iamamiwhoami are Swedish singer-songwriter Jonna Lee and producer Claes Björklund. Their production is not only about music, but also about film and audiovisual effects. They have released two records in short time – kin in 2012 and the brand new bounty. At the Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards, they won the category of “Innovator of the Year” and they were also nominated for two MTV Online Music Awards. iamamiwhoami are going to present their innovative show at Bažant Pohoda 2013.

Promo photoEdit

Series 3; 9

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? Prelude 699130082.451322-
bounty bou-1u-2nty20101104 / .; john+46 702 888 037 / ; john bclump
iamamiwhoami; bounty 20130603
kin kin 20120611severdropsgood workerplayin due orderidle talkrascalkillgoods
iamamiwhoami; kin 20120611
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