The shadows, also referred to as "the black figures" or "creatures", by Jonna Lee, or as "morphs", by followers. They represent the anonymous following of iamamiwhoami, and were first introduced in iamamiwhoami's 2nd episode of BLUE, hunting for pearls. It was first speculated these creatures represented the music industry, a developed form of the Clumps, or indeed fans.


ripple (Still 1)

Black Shadow Costume

Variations Edit

There are 2 variations of the shadow costume, black and white. The white costume was first featured in the teaser video for CONCERT IN BLUE. This variation supposedly represents iamamiwhoami as a symbol, like the black symbolically represents fans.

iamamiwhoami; CONCERT IN BLUE 20150429 (Still 1)

White Shadow Costume

Apperances Edit

  • iamamiwhoami; hunting for pearls (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; vista (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; blue blue (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; thin (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; chasing kites (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; ripple (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; the last dancer (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; shadowshow (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; dive (black)
  • iamamiwhoami; CONCERT IN BLUE (black, white)

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