To whom it may concern. is iamamiwhoami's own label and official website.


The phrase "To whom it may concern." first appeared in iamamiwhoami's music video, b. The phrase is also seen on every cover art from b to clump. The phrase is also seen/heard in several other videos listed below:

  1. TWIMC b

    B marks the first appearance of the phrase.

    At the start of u-1, the puppet says the phrase, "A quien le corresponda", which is Spanish for "To whom it may concern."
  2. At the end of n, there is a reversed whisper of the phrase, "A quien le corresponda" again.
  3. At the end of y, attached to the pot is a strip of paper emblazoned, "To whom it may concern." This is seen again in 20101104.
  4. On 15 November 2010, iamamiwhoami uploaded a video to the channel, titled, iamamiwhoami's first online concert was available for viewing on that website.

Cover artEdit

The phrase "To whom it may concern." does not appear on the singles of kin, but instead listed as the label and copyright holder. Later works would also follow the same pattern.

Official websiteEdit

TWIMC coopmusicita

Cooperative Music Italy's tweet mentioning "To whom it may concern."

In June 2012, the "To whom it may concern." website was updated to become a full-fledged web store, with apparel like socks, shirts and underwear sold, as well as the LP and vinyl of kin. Under the "Contact" section of the website, the 'Label' bullet point listed 'To whom it may concern." as iamamiwhoami's label.

In the same month of June, tweets from Cooperative Music Italy revealed the credits of kin, as well as crediting To whom it may concern. as the releaser of the album.

On December 5th, 2012 a newsletter section ("Informant") was added; on the 11th the website was expanded with a "News" and an "Artists" sections.

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