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    get sever for free!

    February 5, 2012 by Ponicornio

    To whom it may concern.

    We're 10 days away from the release of sever! And guess what…

    iambountyfan is holding a contest to win an iTunes download of sever once it's out!

    The following methods are how you can enter by using one or more:

    • Twitter: Tweet your favorite line from iamamiwhoami lyrics with the hashtag #iamamiwhoami. You must be following @iambountyfan to be elegible.
    • Facebook: Like post/image and comment your favorite lyrics. You must like the iambounty page to be elegible.
    • Google+: +1 and share this post (and comment your favorite lyrics?). iambounty must be in your circles to be elegible.
    • Tumblr: Reblog this post. You must be following iambountyfan to be elegible.
    • Wikia: Comment your favorite lyrics from this post. You must have an accoun…

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    To whom it may concern.

    as you may already know, we finally have a date to hold our breaths: 20120215! (that is February 15, 2012).

    this is the date for the release of sever (and it's expected to be accompanied by a video), according to Amazon. which brings us some interesting details:

    • Label: Cooperative Music
    • Copyright: To whom it may concern.

    Previous singles have both copyright and label credited to

    Cooperative Music has released music by The Knife, Fever Ray, CSS, YELLE, Interpol, dEUS, MSTRKRFT, and many others.

    could this be the reason to the singles being removed from Amazon? although, the singles are still available on and, they were pulled off from Amazon UK, DE and FR. will…

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    Jonna Lee: Acoustic EP

    December 12, 2011 by Ponicornio

    To whom it may concern.

    i have a tracklist! in the search for What It Takes, i found the tracklist for Acoustic EP, another early release. this tracklist isn't 100% confirmed yet; but, here it is:

    Acoustic EP
    1. What It Takes
    2. 1-800-LONELY
    3. Out of My Mind
    4. Well Aware
    5. Out of Here

    tracks confirmed as released on What It Takes:

    • What It Takes
    • Man

    and, i found the lyrics for "Out of My Mind", which i added to LyricWiki: Jonna Lee – Out Of My Mind.

    also, Jacob and i have some new goodies. keep an eye for the 17th ;).

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    To whom it may concern.

    as you remember, we recently found a lot of registered works of unreleased music from Jonna. in the research of all of these works, i got to some exciting and frustrating findings.

    first, some nice new background on Jonna.

    did you know her first record deal was in a band at 16 touring Asia? yep. i don't know the name of this act, sorry.
    did you know she released her first album in 1998? yup. i think this was with this duo.
    did you know she first moved to London looking for a guy? yes. they broke up after two weeks.
    did you know she shared a house with Pete Doherty there? mhm.
    she also played guitar and backed up Lasse Lindh in 2001, Moscow, and 2002, Barcelona.

    cool, huh? there's more. but here it is what has mind going: in…

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    new titles

    December 8, 2011 by Ponicornio

    To whom it may concern.

    so, yeah, as you probably already know, new ISWCs were found. yesterday, Jake (iambountyfan) and i put together a nice list of these works. we found 6 works credited to Jonna and Claes, and as perfomed by Bounty Obs ¿nnu Hemligt Grupp (Bounty Obs Ännu Hemligt Grupp = Bounty Note Still Secret Group). and 10 works with credits of performance to Mouth of a River, which we have found nothing about, and Jonna as the only writer. there are also a lot of titles of possibly unreleased songs credited as performed by Jonna.

    you can check these yourselves at ISWC-Net, Jonna's IPI code: 00450572370.

    the works, as they follow, include the three works (for b, o and y) found early this year and many new interesting titles, as well as…

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