To whom it may concern.

as you remember, we recently found a lot of registered works of unreleased music from Jonna. in the research of all of these works, i got to some exciting and frustrating findings.

first, some nice new background on Jonna.

did you know her first record deal was in a band at 16 touring Asia? yep. i don't know the name of this act, sorry.
did you know she released her first album in 1998? yup. i think this was with this duo.
did you know she first moved to London looking for a guy? yes. they broke up after two weeks.
did you know she shared a house with Pete Doherty there? mhm.
she also played guitar and backed up Lasse Lindh in 2001, Moscow, and 2002, Barcelona.

cool, huh? there's more. but here it is what has mind going: in 2005, Jonna released her first EP, What It Takes, produced by Jonna herself and Richard Krantz. it's no longer available. i could not even find the tracklist. i only know it was released on CD and included 5 tracks.

i also found evidence of these songs released as free downloads, or stream only, which maybe are from this EP:

  • 1-800-LONELY
  • I'll Wait
  • Man
  • Out of My Mind
  • Passerby
  • So Slow
  • Sugar's Gonna Burn
  • Well Aware
  • What It Takes

and for online stream, originally to be on 10 Pieces, 10 Bruises:

  • Morning
  • Not Leaving

"What It Takes", as shared this week, is part of the soundtrack of 2003/2004 Swedish film Babylonsjukan. this track was also released as a single, taken from the EP with the same title. apparently, there's also a track, "Sugar", on this film, but it's not on the release of the soundtrack.

here's "Passerby" :).

"1-800-LONELY" was written by Johan Prosell and Richard Krantz, and there's a version by their band, doublePark from the album After Hours. Jonna and Johan have collaborated multiple times on projects from each other.

A live version of "Sugar's Gonna Burn" was played on KGRL radio in October, 2009, along with live versions of other two lost songs "Give Me Something Good" and "Song to Self".

i haven't found the other tracks. do you have copy of these tracks? do you have copy of this EP? maybe? please?

my sources:

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