To whom it may concern.

so, yeah, as you probably already know, new ISWCs were found. yesterday, Jake (iambountyfan) and i put together a nice list of these works. we found 6 works credited to Jonna and Claes, and as perfomed by Bounty Obs ¿nnu Hemligt Grupp (Bounty Obs Ännu Hemligt Grupp = Bounty Note Still Secret Group). and 10 works with credits of performance to Mouth of a River, which we have found nothing about, and Jonna as the only writer. there are also a lot of titles of possibly unreleased songs credited as performed by Jonna.

you can check these yourselves at ISWC-Net, Jonna's IPI code: 00450572370.

the works, as they follow, include the three works (for b, o and y) found early this year and many new interesting titles, as well as three of the preludes:

Bounty Obs Ännu Hemligt Grupp
  3. Bounty's Anthem (aka) Watch Me as I Go
  4. Keeping of Thoughts (aka) My Time
  5. Prelude 699130082.451322- (registered simply as Prelude 699130082.451322)
  6. Reflectance of the Pure and Simple (aka) Mirror Mirror
Jonna Lee
  1. 16 (aka) Talk to Me
  2. Alice Come Home
  3. Avalanche
  4. Blow, Blow (aka) Blow, Wind, Blow
  5. Body of Work (aka) What's to Bow For
  6. Bottomless Blue (aka) Now the Sea Holds My Truth
  7. Can I Call You? (aka) All Over Again
  8. Cardio
  9. Chasing Kites
  10. Cold Lonely Universe (aka) Skies of Blue
  11. End of the Song (aka) Picking Up the Pieces (aka) Too Late
  12. Everyday
  13. Fences (aka) On the Outside
  14. Harvest
  15. Head Over Heels
  16. Here Goes Nothing (aka) Why Is This So Hard for You?
  17. Hoping for a Fan (aka) I Don't Understand
  18. I Built This House
  19. I Keep (aka) Let It Bleed
  20. Indemnity for Damage (aka) Given All
  21. Invasion (aka) Life
  22. Is It Someone
  23. It's Not OK (aka) I Love You Still
  24. Like Love
  25. Little Hope (aka) Sing a Song of Fire
  26. Little Man
  27. Love for Real
  28. Love Song (aka) My Days From Now On
  29. Mirror
  30. Open Sea (aka) Pirates
  31. Out of My Mind (aka) Cook Your Rabbit
  32. Ship on Yer Shoulders (aka) Fine
  33. Siberia (aka) What a Drought
  34. Swallow (aka) Name on the Box
  35. Take You Home (aka) The Escape
  36. The Mask
  37. The New Age (aka) You Could Have So Much Love
  38. The Sound of Letting Go (aka) Love
  39. The Void
  40. Tonight (aka) Where Is Your Heart Tonight
  41. Up! (aka) Higher
  42. Wipe It Off (aka) I Feel It Now
  43. You Have... (aka) You Have Me
Mouth of a River
  1. Black Shore
  2. Cross or Pass
  3. Crystal
  4. Here Is a Warning
  5. Islander
  6. Mutineer
  7. Paramount
  8. Sphere
  9. The Box
  10. Time to Let It Dry

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