To whom it may concern.

Hello, guys,

I've requested the adoption of this wiki, since its original founder hasn't been around and hasn't made a single edit.

As you may see, I've been adding and editing basic stuff of the releases. Acquiring these administrative privileges would allow us to work on the interface and have more control over the wiki.

I'm a huge iamamiwhoami fan. Maybe you have seen me at the iambountyfan chat as ponicornio, run by my friend Jacob. For some background: I discovered some possible titles, confirming Jonna and Claes' involvement, early this year. I'm also responsible for that cool releases template at Wikipedia, do you remember how not-so-nice it was?

With the support from the clump, you and I can expand this wiki. To be eligible for adoption, I need your approval. Leave a comment with your opinion and tell if you agree.

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