bridges are referred to as the expansions, segues, or interludes of BLUE. The titles of the bridges are listed upon download of the album on the BLUE island.

  • pearl (hunting for pearls  vista)
  • melter (vista  tap your glass)
  • afloat (tap your glass  blue blue)
  • air (thin  chasing kites)
  • arrival (ripple  the last dancer)

'arrival' was mistakely named 'blue lake' in the video download of the bridge. In addition, the names 'pearl' and 'melter' were mixed up on the labelling of the videos. 'blue lake' is now often dubbed as the bridge between shadowshow and dive, in the BLUE film.

3 bridges are released individually via the BLUE island. 'pearl', 'melter', and 'arrival' include accompanying videos; that differ from the film. The full tracks are available individually via the island, and edited for the gapless audio file. This gapless master is also included on the CD/LP.

'air' does not appear in the gapless audio, whilst an unnamed bridge appears after 'ripple', not featured as a seperate track. Several other unnamed bridges are featured in the BLUE film, and unavailable anywhere else.