next of kin is iamamiwhoami's and To whom it may concern.'s official shop.

Originally powered by Sandbag, the shop is temporarily closed as of July 2014 and now presents an "under construction" notice on its main page.

BLUE merchandise Edit

bottle large HQ 774ba1f5-488d-43c8-ba16-623d1efbb542 1024x1024

message in a bottle

"BLUE (25 cm x  6 cm) glass bottle with original lyrics from the lighthouse typed by iamamiwhoami on her typewriter."

bottle necklace

smal bottle 2 HQ 1024x1024

"Bottle made of glass and necklace of nylon. Contains numbered message from To whom it may concern."

TWIMC umbrella

"Plastic transparent umbrella marked To whom it may concern."

Umbrella wide MQ 351c19de-005a-4bd2-939a-f23ae83766af 1024x1024

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